Hi, I'm Yemetis !

I'm a self taught french artist who do illustrations, concept art and lineart for coloring book.

I hope one day draw for any video game companies or mobile game.

I do comics and perler (hama) too.

Je suis une artiste française autodidacte qui fait de l'illustration, de l'art conceptuel, et du lineart pour des livres de coloriage.

J’espère un jour dessiner pour des jeux mobile et réalisé mon manga.

Je fais de la BD et des pixelarts (hama) aussi.

I work with scantrad teams where I'm colorist

Je travaille pour des équipes de scantrad où je suis coloriste

EVENT 2020

A list of conventions where I go this year

4 Apr - 5 Apr 2020 (Annulé COVID-19)

ManGame Show (Toulouse)

Japan Natsu (Toulouse)

August 2020 (Annulé COVID-19)

Popcon (Labège)

23 Mai - 24 Mai 2020 (Annulé COVID-19)

Toulouse Game Show (Toulouse)

Participation non sûr


What programs and tools do you use to draw ?

Software: Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop CS5 Tablet : Huion GT156 HD v2

What canvas size do you use?

Illustration - A3 300 dpi
BD/Manga pages - B5 350 dpi

When did you start drawing?

I started draw in November 2017.
I started digital art with a mouse, and i've receive my first tablet in april 2018.

Do you take requests?

Yes, but i draw only girls !

How long does it take you to finish one illustration?

It depends on the complexity. But i need 2 week or 1 month.


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