Please read the Terms of Service before contacting me.
You're supposed to have accepted the terms at the time of the payment.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on my social media.

Read carefully the information pages about the Terms of Service and the commission.


⟹ I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

⟹ The payment can be made in 1 time from your validation of the sketch via Paypal or bank transfer, or made the payment in 2 times: 50% from your validation of the sketch and the remaining 50% at the end of my work..

⟹ Prices may change depending on the complexity of your request.

⟹ You agree to these terms by sending any payment for a commission.

If you haven't read the Terms of Service as a customer, I cannot be held responsible from your mistakes.

Conditions of use

You are allowed to : use the commission for a personal use.

⟹ You can post the commission on your social media if you credit me.

⟹ You can use it as avatar or wallpaper.

⟹ You can also print the commission and display it in your personal space.

If the commission is designed as a gift for someone else, the same rights apply to that person.


The following things are not allowed :

⟹ Reproduction

⟹ Commercial use of the protected work.

⟹ Earn money with the commission in any way.

⟹ Credit someone else or not quote me when you display my creation.

⟹ Modify in any way the illustration.

⟹ Delete all the watermarks / signatures.

A purchase of commercial rights can be negotiated if you plan to sell my design.

With the commercial rights, you will be allowed to earn money with the artwork.

This means that you can produce merchandise, display the illustrations on books, ect...

If you are a company or are intending to ear money with your social media page.

I can draw :

⟹ Female Character

⟹ Ecchi
⟹ Original character with reference picture

⟹ Fanart

⟹ Futanari

⟹ Hentai

I don't do :

⟹ Realistic portrait or out of my style

⟹ Véhicules, robots, mechanical
⟹ Furries

⟹ Gore

⟹ Male Character

Design process :

It depends on factor such as : The complexity, the order of the commissions or or any other question.

I'll give you an estimation of the time I think I need for your commission, as well as potential delays.

You can always check the progress on my stream (if you allow me to broadcast it on Twitch) or asking me as a private message.

⟹ I don't make precipitated order or with a deadline. I do my best to move my illustrations forward as quickly as possible, unfortunately I can't go any faster.

⟹ The illustrations take between 2 to 4 weeks.

⟹ Please, Take your time and make sure all the informations are accurate and thougtfull.
It's preferable that all details are send from the beginning to have ease and speed to work on the sketch.
Attach references to help me with design !

Adjustments :

You can always bring major changes after the payment but this will entail additional costs based on the following examples : change of clothes, pose or anything that forces me to redraw it completly.

⟹ Only 2 major changes are allowed during the sketch (Point of view, pose, background, clothes set)

⟹ 7 minor changes during the sketch maximum.

⟹ Only 3 minor changes during the clean up.

Additional cost may be charged for more revisions, unless it's my fault.

Payment :

Price depends of the reason for the commission, meaning the background, Portrait or full-figure, or if there are no references of your oc etc...

⟹ The payment can be made in 1 time from your validation of the sketch, or made in 2 times: 50% from your validation of the sketch and the remaining 50% at the end of my work.

⟹ Paypal or bank transfer only.

All this information will be discussed in private via Twitter/Discord/Mail.

⟹ I have the right to cancel and repay your commission at any moment.
You can cancel  a commission before the payment is made. You can cancel your commission and recover 50% of your money until the color packing.

After this stage, repayment is no longer possible.